How Much Does Cremation Cost In Oklahoma in 2021?

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There’s a change happening in the funeral industry.  This change is occurring not just in the USA but across the world.  The traditional full-service funeral is still popular, it is being chosen less and less as a remembrance option. Instead, many people are wondering “how much does cremation cost in Oklahoma?” Quite a number of Oklahomans and others across the USA are choosing a cremation service.  It’s easier, cheaper, and you can get more creative with memorial services.  A Direct Cremation in Oklahoma costs between $750 to $5,100. We’ve also added a section on cremation life insurance policies for seniors that will help you decide how to fund your choice.

What Are Cremation Costs in Oklahoma?

What Does Cremation Cost in Oklahoma

There are different types of cremation available in Oklahoma that are explained further in this article.  When you’re looking into how much does cremation cost in Oklahoma, consider all your options. Many are looking into donating their body to science. This option ends with a free cremation. A direct cremation, the next cheapest option, can also be chosen.  Then there are other options of a cremation with a memorial service or traditional funeral service. Each option has different costs associated depending on how elaborate your final wishes are.

4 Cremation Service Options in Oklahoma

  • Donate your body to science – Cost $0 – This is the #1 cheapest option because the cremation is free.  Through Sciencecare you can donate your body to science. They offer cremation at no cost to you or your family. Cremation is the required outcome of the body donation process. So as a part of the body-donation process, they will cremate the studied body for free.  The cremated remains are returned to the family within 3-5 weeks of donation. They will transport the body from the place of passing to their facility. File the appropriate notices and produce the death certificate. They’ll also give you a letter that will update family members regarding the impact your donation has made.
  • Direct Cremation – Cost $750 to $5,100
    • Funeral director and staff services
    • Local transfer of your loved one from their place of passing to cremation provider’s care.
    • Filing of all necessary permits
    • Filing of the death certificate
    • Cremation container
    • Dignified cremation of the body
    • Return of cremated remains to the family in an alternative container.
  • Cremation with just a memorial service – $3,400 to $5,800
    • All services included with Direct Cremation mentioned above.
    • Use of the mortuary or funeral home chapel is included here for the memorial service.
  • Cremation with a traditional funeral – $4,650 to $11,200
    • Embalming
    • Body preparation
    • Rented casket for viewing
    • Viewing
    • Use of the mortuary or funeral home chapel for the memorial service.

Best Way to Pay for Your Cremation

Now that we’ve looked at how much does cremation cost in Oklahoma, let’s look at how to pay for it.  In most cases, there isn’t a block of money set aside to pay for this expense that we know is coming.  Do we set aside something each month to pay for it?  Go through the pre-need planning with a cremation provider?  There’s a third option and that’s to get a cremation life insurance policy in place as soon as possible.  Saving money monthly is a good idea but what if you pass away before the sum you want to save is set aside?  Then your family has to come up with the rest.  If you pre-pay for a cremation with a local provider, what if you move away from the area?  There will be unplanned for costs involved in getting your body back to the county where the cremation provider is located. A cremation insurance policy provides you an affordable, flexible option giving you ultimate freedom and peace of mind.

What Is a Cremation Life Insurance Policy?

A cremation insurance policy is just a whole life policy that has a small face amount.  It’s meant just to cover the costs of cremation in Oklahoma and bring peace of mind to the family knowing things are covered. There are several different levels of coverage you can get.

4 Types of Oklahoma Cremation Insurance

  • Level Benefit Cremation Insurance – If you’re able to say “no” to all the health questions on the application, this is the best option for you. Level benefit plans payout 100% death benefit on day one of your policy. Since you were able to give an outstanding health questionnaire, this option offers the cheapest premium prices.
  • Graded Benefit Cremation Insurance – This plan level is still pretty good and prices are still reasonable. This plan level will be offered if you had to say “yes” to a few health questions. All the death benefit (100%) will not be available on day one. However, conditions of this level will allow for between 75% – 80% death benefit payout depending on the insurance company.
  • Modified Benefit Cremation Insurance – This plan level is offered when you’ve had to say “yes” to a number of health questions. At this point we need to compare what the prices are in a Guaranteed Acceptance policy. However, this level is usually less expensive than Guaranteed. If you pass away in the first 2 years after the policy goes in effect, your beneficiaries will get back only the premiums you paid in. If passing is after the 2-year waiting period then 100% payout of the death benefit is guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance – If you’ve had recent health issues this is the way to go for your cremation plan.  There are no health questions and there is no physical exam. If you pass away within the first 2 years of the policy effective date then your beneficiary gets back only the premiums you paid in. After 2 years your beneficiary will get 100% death benefit payout guaranteed.

Best Way to Find a Cremation Insurance Policy in Oklahoma

The best way to find a cremation insurance policy is to go through an Independent Agent like us!  Look at the differences in working with an independent agent vs a captive agent and decide for yourself.  We think you’ll opt to work with us because of the many options we can provide for cost-effective coverage.

  • Independent agent – Working with an independent agent is where you have real options. As your independent agent, we look over the entire market for you and give you the best companies that fit your unique situation. We’ve done this so many times for people needing cremation insurance we can almost do it in our sleep.  The same companies that come up again and again we add to our representation. What you end up with is a cost-effective policy that fits exactly what you need. An independent agent is best equipped to help with helping you decide how much does cremation cost in Oklahoma and how to pay for it.
  • Captive agent – This is the type of agent you’ll find working for State Farm, Progressive, Geico, Farmers, Bankers Life, etc. They are State licensed like we are BUT can only offer you cremation life insurance policies from their company portfolio. While the policies they offer might be pretty good, are they the best fit for you or the company? Are they offering the best cost? Are there better options? There absolutely are better options so that’s why everyone should check out what’s available from an Independent Agent.

Advantages Of a Cremation Insurance Policy

There are a number of advantages of getting a cremation insurance policy in place for yourself. 

  • The policy cannot be canceled by the insurer – only by you. Some insurance coverage (home, renters, car, health) can be canceled by the carrier if they can justify doing so.  Cremation policies are always there – guaranteed.
  • Your policy does not expire – Certain types of insurance (term life) expires at a future date. Our cremation insurance plans are good for your whole life.
  • There is no medical exam – With our plans, no medical exam is required. Ever.
  • The policy benefits never decrease – Once you lock in a face amount along with the premium, it never changes. Guaranteed.
  • Your premiums never increase – As described above, with our whole life cremation insurance plans, premiums never increase once the policy is in force.
  • Peace of mind – you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken care of a big future expense we all know is coming.  And you’ve taken care of your family by not laying this burden on them to figure out.

Oklahoma Cremation Insurance Specialists

We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and serve the entire State answering questions about cremation insurance. We also can help you find a policy that’s just right for you and not the insurance company. At Final Expense Resource, we’re cremation insurance specialists.  This type of insurance is all we do!  Like we stated above, we’ve done these enough times, we’re good at what we do.  We’ve heard all the questions and provided good answers to them.  We’ve looked at a wide variety of situations for this type of policy and have been able to place some very difficult cases.  We’re here to help YOU!  Just give us a call anytime for a no-obligation discussion of your options.  Discuss it with your spouse or family and get something in place as soon as you can.

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