Independent Final Expense Life Insurance Agency for Seniors

Welcome! My name is David Knight and I’m the founder of Knight’s Financial Group which owns and operates the Final Expense Resource.  I’ve been a licensed insurance agent since 2014 and am expanding my licensing coverage to all 50 States.  My main focus is to provide education and solutions for people who want to cover their final expenses and leave a special legacy gift to their family or any other beneficiary.   I’m here to provide straight-forward, honest answers to your questions about your unique situation and the policy you’re looking for.  Since I’m an independent insurance agent I can help match your situation, unique needs and wishes with the best value among multiple top insurance carriers in the Country. 

Use the link below to below to schedule a free 30-minute appointment that works with your schedule.  We can spend a few minutes together on the phone looking for the best affordable option to provide you simple, easy, guaranteed coverage.

I answer questions, provide guidance and solutions to seniors between 50-85 who want to have funding in place to take care of their burial costs and leave a special legacy gift to their loved ones.